Vintage Jewellery – Going Green

Green Christmas treee

There is something about Christmas that brings out the ‘green’ in me. Perhaps it was because last night I sat around the table with a gaggle of girls making Christmas wreaths. Our base was  deep, lush yew fronds twisted and tied around a wire coat hanger which we formed into a round. The kitchen table was full of berry branches, holly leaves and mistletoe, florists’ wire and ribbon. I was having a ‘Kirstie Allsop: Homemade Home‘ moment … sigh. All I need now is to get Mr Adorn to hang it on our door and I will post a pic, I promise. But back to jewellery – herewith some of my favourite green jewels from as early as the 1930s.

Ashok Sancheti Emerald earrings 2010
Ashok Sancheti Emerald Earrings , New York 2010
David Webb frog ring 1970
David Webb frog ring, circa 1970s


Chanel Coloured glass brooch
Chanel coloured glass brooch, circa 1990s
Green Bakelite deco earrings 1930s
Green Bakelite Deco earrings, circa 1930s

Images courtesy of 1stdibs


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