Spotlight on: Sophia Mann


"My work involves creating new forms of bead worked jewellery. Connecting three-dimensional elements of rough diamond, ruby, shell and antique glass beads between 18ct gold and sterling silver frames.

"Exuding an aura of sensuality, my designs capture the interaction of contrasting forces within the human body. Inspired by the skeleton’s rigid framework, the organic claw-like structures create a tension, or impact on the fleshy textural elements realised in innovative beadwork. The masculine frame contrasts with the feminine beadwork, there is an almost intimate interaction of the two opposing elements. A dazzle of vibrant color and intricate detail, the work employs an array of semi-precious and precious stones."

These unusual luxury-handcrafted items emphasise craftsmanship and heritage in combination with a sculptural quality that reminds us of the sacred link between the object and the individual who wears it.

Sophia Mann


Sophia Mann

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