Rough Rocks

Natalie Dissel designer jewelry Rough Rocks collection
An assortment of cocktail rings from Natalie Dissel’s ‘Rough Rocks’ collection.

"My Rough Rocks collection brings you stunning gem stones in all their raw beauty, untouched by man and set by me in an organic gold setting. No ring is the same, each piece is unique to you and each holds its own story". Natalie Dissel

Natalie Dissel designer jewellery collection Rough Rocks

This week on Adorn London was always going to be about ‘Rough Rocks and Chunky Knits‘ so you can imagine my delight when I received an email at the beginning of last week inviting me to Natalie’s trunk show in London, Voyage de Gems, as I discovered that she had a ‘Rough Rocks’ collection which left me in no doubt that Natalie’s rings were on my ‘IT’ list this week. Natalie’s’ philosophy is simple – travel and absorb. This translates into a range of work drawn from a growing source of inspiration and experience. Pieced together from original sources, her collection is cleverly fused to highlight the natural qualities of the materials with complimentary and wearable designs.

Natalie Dissel designer jewellery  - Rough Rocks collection

Like a trip around the world translated into the most fascinating accessories, Natalie Dissel has created an unforgettable collection, that has already enchanted a growing band of accessory lovers. Rare stones, exceptional trinkets and playful ideas transform into must-have accessories which are both fashionable and timeless.


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