Kate Moss rocks in first ever 3D fashion film


By Gemma Douglass for Adorn London

Kate Moss KM3D-1


Put your 3D specs on and hold on tight for the first 3D fashion film, starring Swarovski crystals, goddess jewellery, (oh and the legendary Kate Moss!).

Art, fashion and film are flourishing in a digital age, where creativity can be experienced across exciting new platforms. Photo shoots are now filmed, catwalk shows are streamed live and possibly in the not so distant future printed magazines will be a rather novel and ‘retro’ way to get your fashion fix; like choosing a romantic, crackly old record over Spotify!

AnOther Magazine has always championed stretching creative boundaries, and now a new collaboration with artist and film-maker Baillie Walsh and Kate Moss has brought us the first 3D fashion film. No strangers to innovative image-making, the duo first worked together on the famed holographic film for Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2006 show.

Adorned in goddess jewellery from Erickson Beamon and Pebble, KM3D-1 sees Kate as a mythological goddess shattering her iconic self-image with a piercing scream and an explosion of hundreds of Swarovski crystals that project out of the screen in a beautiful chaotic dance before your 3D bespectacled eyes.  The film was captured at 1,000 frames a second with state-of-the-art Phantom cameras built specially for the project and is a true experiment in multi-dimensional image-making.  It was presented as a video art installation at the Haunch of Venison in association with Beefeater 24 from September 17-18 and can now be viewed online at anothermag.com.  3D glasses are being sold with the latest issue of AnOther Magazine, which is on sale now.
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