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Colette and Maia Adams co-invited a selection of jewellers featured in ‘Fashion Jewellery: Catwalk and Couture’, each to create a single piece of jewellery to be displayed and sold at Colette. The book contains profiles of 33 international jewellers as well as details of their collaborations with fashion designers including Comme des Garçons, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Yves St Laurent.

Fashion Jewellery Catwalk and Couture Maia Adams

Fashion Jewellery’ by Maia Adams

Lara Bohinc and Erickson Beamon were invited to take part in this exhibition along with Pamela Love, Tom Binns, Parure, Marion Vidal, Scott Wilson, Bless, Yoshido, Florian and Sabrina Dehoff. I was privileged to see the exhibition during Paris Fashion Week.

Colette Paris

Colette Paris


Lara Bohinc

Lara Bohinc’s piece is called: ‘Love will Tear us Apart’ and, according to Lara, is inspired by " sand dunes and sea creatures, rippling water and sun rays".

Ashley Isham erickson Beamon

Erickson Beamon’s piece was used by Ashley Isham at London Fashion week, "It goes with the huge trend for strong shoulder silhouettes.  Accentuated shoulders are big right now and we have a collection that has a very medieval and gladiator type look so it was really combining these two things.  Erickson Beamon are famous for very large extravagant bespoke pieces like this, we often make them specifically for catwalk shows or fashion shoots".

Images courtesy of Adorn London and Colette and Fashion Jewellery Catwalk and Couture.
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  1. Wow, what a book. Were they selling it at Colette? Love the shop, always buy something for a few euros, just to sate my appetite! Kx

  2. Juliet says:

    Hi Kathryn, isn’t it fabulous? Watch this space on Adorn London x

  3. […] read more about the Colette exhibition and the book signing in Paris, including images, click here. […]

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