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THE ADORN NEWSLETTER Each week, under Juliet’s creative direction, I cook up a new look to adorn the website and newsletter, based on the trend focus of that particular week. When we introduce the new weekly theme on the website, no matter how exciting it is, I’m always a bit sad to say goodbye to […]

INTRODUCING WAGNER Each week I watch the Brazilian Lothario stride out on stage in a variety of outrageous jewellery choices. Mostly from Freedom at Topshop, it would appear. From feathered hoop earrings to long graduating chain necklaces nuzzling into his hairy chest, Wagner always stands out for his jewellery choices. Dannii Minogue may be the […]

When it comes to menswear (and actually men in general), I love a mix of romance and rock ‘n’ roll. Think English Dandy and Rock ‘n’ Roll legend. This goes for their jewellery too. I covet jewellery that has a story to tell, a history behind it that gives it an ‘other-worldly’ quality.     Coin […]

Today the demand for wearable men’s jewellery is bigger than ever, whether quirky perspex necklaces, simple lapel pins or unusual silver rings. Alex & Chloe button pendants I love how "everyday" things have been turned into adornments. Alex & Chloe‘s simple Button necklaces are just the kind of thing younger gents are layering up with […]

Steven and William are a creative duo exploring new boundaries in a creative aesthetic by combining sculpture, objects and jewellery. Their elaborately beaded landscapes explore the idea of cross-pollination combining the textile-infused sculptural vision of Steven with the intricate beadwork more akin to William. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri and now working out of a […]

MAIA ADAMS CALLS HER TOP THREE   Metal stud cuffs by Eddie Borgo EDDIE BORGO Eddie Borgo’s all about the New York vibe – cool, streetwise, ironic. Referencing contemporary street culture, the geometries of modern architecture and post punkers like Siouxsie and the Banshees, his jewellery may be pared down but it packs a punch. […]

ITEM OF THE WEEK This iconic cuff by Tomasz Donocik has long been a favourite of mine and I am not alone. Carol Woolton, Jewellery Editor of Vogue Magazine, included Tomasz’ cuff in her newly released coffee table book  ‘Fashion for Jewels: 100 Years of Styles and Icons’. It will always be a symbol of […]

  Alexander McQueen A/W 2010 Bottega Veneta A/W 2010 Lanvin A/W 2010 "This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing Without a woman or a girl" Nina Simone sang those lyrics for the first time years ago and whilst jewellery was probably the furthest thing from her […]

Q: Hi Juliet, I am taking a flying chance as my soon-to-be-wife suggested I pluck up the courage and ask your advice on wedding rings. I have to say I haven’t seen any men’s jewellery on your website but thought it was worth a try! I am a Rolling Stones fan and our first dance […]