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Katie Hillier Bunny Love Adorn London Jewellery Trends Blog

I thought I would share a little bit of ‘Bunny Love’ with you as Easter is just around the corner. I am not the only one with a weakness for the fluffy creatures; Katie Hillier shares the love too.

40 things i love on adorn london jewellery blog

There is nothing like a big birthday to prompt a sense of nostalgia. From pearls to picnics here are some of my favourite things to mark the occasion.

Cobaly colour pop trend on Adorn London jewelry blog

I have an absolute thing about the deep, velvety colour of cobalt – it’s eye-catching, flattering and versatile.

Trends Katie Hiller Paper clip pendants Adorn London jewellery blog

Hillier’s own jewelllery and accessory collection reflects her fascination with everyday objects