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ITEM OF THE WEEK Contra Mundum or ‘Against the world’: a one-of-a-kind diamond glove   Daphne Guinness and Shaun Leane celebrate the completion of Contra Mundum or ‘Against the world’:an extraordinary piece of jewelled armour in the form of a  one-of-a-kind diamond glove.  This collaboration between the award-winning jewellery house and creative ambassador Daphne Guinness […]

THE FRIDAY SMILE   My good friend, Vicki Sleet (aka ‘Darlinkle’), editor of the fabulous iwantthat blog and soon to launch iwantthatwedding, has just sent me this. "They must be following Adorn London" she said, "look at those optical earrings, brooches and bangle stacks." In all seriousness, this video clip is priceless; we have a […]