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ITEM OF THE WEEK Contra Mundum or ‘Against the world’: a one-of-a-kind diamond glove   Daphne Guinness and Shaun Leane celebrate the completion of Contra Mundum or ‘Against the world’:an extraordinary piece of jewelled armour in the form of a  one-of-a-kind diamond glove.  This collaboration between the award-winning jewellery house and creative ambassador Daphne Guinness […]

ITEM OF THE WEEK   Akong’s SS11 Midas collection, which takes inspiration from Roman armour and breastplates, with a fusion of Indian-inspired hand and foot adornments, plays on the traditional use of gold as a status symbol to embellish clothing and adorn the body. Signature pieces include this statement full neckpiece with gold leaf epaulettes. […]

Body Armour Jewellery Trend - Sergio Rossi

‘BODY ARMOUR’ by Sergio Rossi For Spring / Summer 2011, Sergio Rossi Creative Director, Francesco Russo, designs for the 21st century Amazon goddess. Age-old secrets combine with the experimental and primordial; fantastic, sculptural gladiators, extreme heels, vibrant colours and exotic skins flash with sensual, hand-hammered brass. Paying tribute to François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne, Sergio Rossi’s […]

Todd Lynn Spring/Summer 2011 Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2011 Todd Lynn’s collaboration with designer jeweller, Shaun Leane, challenged our preconceptions of jewellery as clothing – the tenuous relationship between fashion and adornment means that this metallic carapace becomes the wearer’s second skin. Pair this with Dolce & Gabbana’s sultry lace-up bandeaux and you get the […]

VANDEVORST SPRING/SUMMER 2011 CATWALK SHOW     Chainmail was seen on AF Vandevorst’s  Spring/Summer 2011 catwalk show and has been a longtime favourite of cutting-edge jewellery designers like Fannie Schiavoni; but with all the talk of ‘Chunky Knits’ this week and Jewellery Wear a couple of weeks back, it has got me thinking. The coif […]

From the metamorphic carapaces of Shaun Leane’s collaboration with Todd Lynn, to the passion-inspired web of chain from MFPepe’s ‘Amore Los Une’ collection: jewellery is taking on an apparel-like quality, where the boundaries of adornment are challenged to the extreme in terms of our traditional understanding of jewellery as an earring, necklace or ring. Fannie […]

ITEM OF THE WEEK It was the last of my appointments on the Saturday of London Fashion Week, but the one that I was looking forward to the most. Maria had told me at ‘Treasure’, earlier on in the year, that she was going to do something different and when an email arrived in my […]