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When Grace Kelly first appeared on the silver screen in the 1952 film Mogambo, the undoubted star of 1950s cinema was born. Yet it was her style which roused adoration amongst her fans; with her neat blond hair and homely, girl-next-door features, each film role saw Grace become a woman of elegance, revered worldwide and […]

JEWELS FIT FOR A SILVERSCREEN PRINCESS This week we are doing something different.  Inspired by the ‘Grace Kelly: Style Icon’ exhibition at the V&A, we thought we would tantalise you with jewels fit for a princess, and have chosen to adorn a few outfits inspired by Grace Kelly’s elegant 50s style and her appearance in […]

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Grace Kelly’s grace and elegance were reflected both on screen and off and infact the lines between Kelly’s personal style were heavily blurred with the on-screen characters portrayed by the young actress. In most cases her characters mirrored the formal daywear she favoured at the height of her cinematic popularity in […]