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We got talking at Adorn HQ and we thought we would have a bit of fun and reveal our jewellery must-have Christmas Wish Lists to you…

  Long likened to diamonds twinkling in the night sky, stars are an enduring symbol in jewellery. Hewn in precious metals and embellished with gemstones, stars with five, six or eight points will adorn the body again this autumn, teaming perfectly with the playful star designs weaving through fashion. The latest collection from Carolina Bucci – […]

Bows aren’t destined to be just the cute finishing touch on that box of chocs, right now fashion forward jewellery designers are taking the bow to new levels ensuring that the trend is all tied up.

More than ever, we are seeing designers integrate a range of materials into their jewellery pieces facilitating a relationship that focuses less on the metal and more on the mix.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought it no time like the present to seek out my top five heart rings. Have a look to see which ‘love hearts’ made it to my ‘hot list’.

  Matches: Ileana Makri feather pendant Matches: Carolina Bucci plaited bracelet Browns: Ram cuff Browns: Kimberly McDonald Mammoth tusk earrings Net-a-Porter: Naga head ring by John Hardy  

Metallic opulence shimmered down the catwalk in the form of sumptuous floor length dresses and edgy lamé jumpsuits. From the regal severity of the gold metallic frocks of  the late Alexander McQueen to Lanvin’s Grecian draping and Carolina Herrera’s sparkling sophistication, gold makes a comeback this summer and we think it is here to stay… Opulent, […]