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  One of the highlights of Adorn for me has been the introduction to the site of ‘Adorn TV‘. Juliet’s spontaneous and infectious personality, her enthusiasm and insight into jewellery trends come across even more strongly on Adorn TV. Bringing alive her ideas and putting them in the context of people’s everyday lives allows the […]

Behind the scenes at Adorn, there is the constant ping of a Skype alert or a Twitter mention which links me to all those that contribute to Adorn and they like me are all passionate about jewellery. When I asked each of them to send a picture of their favourite vintage jewel with its story, […]

By Anna Mortimer You may wonder how a visit to ‘Quilts 1700 -2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories’ currently showing at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London could possibly resonate with the ‘Pure White’ jewellery trends of today. The show is a wondrous array of quilts; each one a masterpiece of design and colour; intricate […]