Xiao Wang Jewellery: Natural Beauty



Xiao Wang is a model and an actress and yet still finds the time to be a jeweller, creating unique fine jewellery that is capturing a huge loyal audience both in New York – where she is currently based – and further afield.

Drawing on a wealth of industry experience Xiao Wang sets untreated, natural and colourful stones in recycled golds and precious metals, just as her recycled-metal dealer father taught her to.

In addition Xiao Wang channels a passion for collecting of antique jewellery and precious gems, as well as a love of Pop Art and Japanese Manga into her work.


Adorn Jewellery Blog: Where does your passion for jewellery design come from?

Xiao Wang:  I love gemstones. I’ve been collecting them since I was a child so I think I was meant to make jewellery.


AJB: When you began making jewellery, did you always envisage becoming a fine jeweller?

XW:  I love all kinds of jewellery but my heart belongs to fine jewellery and I hope that lasts a long time.


AJB: Your designs are completely unique, how do you come about them? 

XW:   I design with my instinct, if I don’t like it I will keep re-designing until it’s just right.


AJB: Do you let the stones lead the designs or do you start off with a design and make the stones fit?

XW:  I do a bit of both. Sometimes I do find the designs are inspired by the stones.


AJB: How does your great grandfather’s position in the mining industry influence your use of only natural and untreated stones?

XW:  I love to use these stones because to me they are pure and not altered to be something they are not. That’s important to me.


AJB: Tell us about your main inspirations, and aspirations.

XW:  I get inspirations from lots of things, I love art and manga.  I would like to work with new materials, and collaborate with other artists.

I also want to take Xiao Wang jewellery worldwide and I plan to  launch the full e-commerce site this fall.






Interview: Lauren Rowden


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