Lani Vincoli: Gold Jewellery With A Versatile Twist

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I love it when I come across a new jewellery line which makes me take a second glance. This week self-proclaimed  ‘all American brand’ Lani Vincoli has hit my radar for its sleek fuss-free aesthetic, versatile approach to styling and technical innovation.

With attention to detail at the core of everything she does, founder and designer Jacqueline Grieco specialises in hand made jewellery in 14k white and yellow gold. Packed with pieces that easily transition from day 
to night her debut Signature collection revolves around elongated chains and interchangeable charms.


ADORN:  What are your main considerations when designing a new collection?

LANI VINCOLI: I really focus on consistency. I like to have flow within my designs, having each piece offer something different but not so different where it looks out of place, and being able to wear multiple pieces of the collection as a set without feeling too doused in jewellery. 

One thing I really try to do is not be influenced by others designing around me. I feel that it keeps my designs fresh and different from what already exists.

Another part of my designing process is to never rush. For the Signature line (shown here) it took me a good three to four weeks to decide on the chain for my yellow gold pieces. I’m very detail oriented to the point that I even custom make my loops to connect the chain to the discs, so they are almost invisible to the eye. It adds for a more seamless floating appeal to present our discs. I have luckily found a jeweller that understands my ‘crazy’ and NEVER says that something is impossible!

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ADORN: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

LV: Since our discs are solid gold, through the casting process it is imperative that we pay close attention to the way the cast comes out in terms of evenness of the gold of the disc and to ensure that porosity does not take place. This directly affects the final outcome of the disc and the way it illuminates.

Lani Vincoli prides itself on each of our pieces being handmade which essentially makes each piece original. I LOVE to play with textures and colors of gold – I believe mixing them is a beautiful concept. I truly believe that this Signature line brings to life the beauty of gold in its most simplistic forms.

Another major part of Lani’s design aesthetic is the engineering of our clasp mechanism. I originally created this to hide the clasps to my jewelry when and if needed. Through this concept I thought it would be great to incorporate a type of charm idea, being able to offer our client versatility within our basic pieces while also teaching them that mixing golds and textures is ok. This engineering concept also inspired our logo.


ADORN: Please elaborate on your day-to-night concept.

LV: As I see it our pieces offer enough versatility to our shopper to be able to wear each piece on the front and the back in a reversible fashion. It’s simple and elegant enough to carry you through a normal day at work to a black tie event, to the beach, or dressing up for your honey in lingerie. Each piece in itself is a statement but not an overstatement.

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ADORN: You use real gold. Why did you go down this route rather than plating and what impact does this have on your design work?

LV: Its funny you ask this, because in the beginning stages of my brand we did play around with this idea a lot. But I knew that I wanted to stay within a certain price point and aesthetic to my vision. It was what I had felt from the beginning and knew that if I started changing these little things that I could take the brand in a direction I wouldn’t want to end up in.

Choosing 14k gold was an aesthetic design decision, basically because of the hue of yellow gold that 14k comes in, it is a more muted tone of yellow gold. I feel that using solid gold also creates a beautiful glow and substantial weight for our pendants; it gives you a feeling of richness when you put it on. We basically are dripping our clients in gold!


ADORN: Your websites says your trademark is long chains. Why is this?

LV: A huge part of our concept is our long chains. Many of my friends would complain that the length of their necklaces was not long enough for certain shirts, and I always loved to wear an open back, so to incorporate both and take away the unsightly clasps that most necklaces have I created a concept that our necklaces slip right over your head offering both options to wear the necklace extra long in the front or in the back giving our clients the option on length for specific attire. Once again it’s about offering options and we all know we love those.


ADORN: What is your long term goal for Lani Vincoli?

LV: To become a woman’s go-to staple in her jewellery box. I want to expand our production workshop here in the US, as well as expand our brand recognition and heritage nationally and internationally. Lani Vincoli cannot wait to show the world what we have in store for them with our new collections and engineering. It is definitely something to look out for!

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Interview: Maia Adams


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