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LA-based fine jeweller Jennie Kwon is one pretty impressive woman. As a classical violinist she performed at Carnegie Hall. A subsequent move into corporate law saw her work at a major entertainment studio in Los Angeles.

Following the birth of her twin boy and girl, Kwon felt creatively inspired to launch her eponymous jewellery line and Jennie Kwon Designs was born.

As someone who’s had a somewhat varied career myself – from genetics to jewels – I felt drawn to Kwon’s story and to her rather stunning jewels. I dropped her a line to find out more, and here’s what she had to say…


Adorn Jewellery Blog: You had two successful and very different careers before you moved into jewellery. In what way did these experiences shape your attitude to life, work, ambition and challenges?

Jennie Kwon: Both the classical music and corporate law worlds were very intense in different ways.  But both taught me great discipline and drive.  To commit to practicing the violin for up to five hours a day as a child and preparing for major competitions against the best gives you the ability to hyper focus on the tasks before you and face any challenge head on, but on the flip side, you experience an extreme degree of beauty in what you create.  As an attorney, you learn to learn and apply new concepts quickly.  To be adaptable and deal with various personalities. Both have shown me that talent will only get you so far.  The rest is blood, sweat and tears, and I apply the same philosophy to creating beautiful pieces and running a small business.  


AJB: What inspires your delicate aesthetic?

JK: I design for women like myself, who don’t want to be bothered having to take off their jewelry every time they wash their hands, who don’t want to feel encumbered by their accessories, yet choose to wear things that are unique, beautiful and eye catching.  The scale of my pieces enable this.  Because they are fairly delicate yet, at the same time, statement making, they can either be worn alone or stacked and layered together.


AJB: Do you take private commissions and who would your dream client be and what would you create for them? 

JK: I do take private commissions from time to time, but have been on a break because of the hectic pace of how things have been.  I would love to design something for the likes of Emmanuelle Alt, Alexa Chung, Sofia Coppola… In terms of what I’d like to create for them, whatever their hearts desire – within my aesthetic of course.


AJB: When not working, how do you like to pass your time?

JK: I’m mother to two sharp-as-whips, hilarious, strong willed three-year-olds. In my down time I love embarking on new adventures with them, and experiencing things through their eyes, whether it be lying on the grass and gazing at the clouds, having spontaneous dance parties, building and molding things with our hands… never a dull moment…






Interview: Maia Adams

Photos: Yunice Kang

Model: Maya Eshet

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