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Kate Moss for Topshop dress Adorn LondonQ: Hi Juliet, I was reading your style advice a couple of weeks back and loved the jewellery you chose for the long Kate Moss dress. It inspired me to write in!  I too have recently purchased a Kate Moss for Topshop dress and gold snakeskin sandals to wear to my husband’s 40th birthday bash, but really need some help on the jewellery front. I love statement earrings and can get away with bold pieces. I don’t want to spend a fortune as I have just ordered thirty bottles of champagne, but want to look and feel great on the night. Can you help?

Emma, Cornwall

A: Hi Emma, the dress has a gladiator-esque feel to it so your shoes sound perfect! I would say you need fringe earrings, a cuff and a statement cocktail ring. I have left the neckline open as it creates a great line and have gone bold and long on the earrings! The earrings have a leaf charm dangling off a cascade of fringing which works well; the cuff is one of winter’s essentials and the brown cluster of stones in the ring will complement the beaded band in the dress!! Have fun and do send us a picture, we would love to see!


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