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Maverick Festival - SuffolkQ: Hi Juliet – this is kind of off the wall, but a video for the artist Thomas Dolby will be filmed during the Maverick Festival this July 2,3,4 weekend. We need wardrobe for him and wardrobe and jewellery for two lovely backing singers, loosely around the cowboy/honkytonk ‘Maverick’ image, but with an ‘ironic twist’ according to Thomas. Interested in putting together some items of  jewelry for the video? You ARE a fashion and trend forecaster, what could be more trendy than a Maverick Festival?

Barbara-Anne, Suffolk

A: Hi Barbara-Anne, what a fabulous ‘Adorn Me’ question!
I must admit I knew immediately which designer’s jewels I would use – Erickson Beamon whose extraordinary jewels adorn celebs and models in sizzling fashion shoots. I love the creative expression of the flamboyant and the avant-garde expressed through their jewellery. I have chosen hot pink and turquoise sets that I think will look fabulous on the girls.


Erickson Beamon earrings Erickson Beamon Erickson Beamon Erickson Beamon

 Please contact Erickson Beamon for any jewellery enquiries.

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