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 Monica Vinader Rio stack bracelet Adorn London
Rio bracelet, Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader’s band of friendship bracelets includes the colourful Fiji, Metallica Rocks collection and beaded Rio with a number of exclusive variations in between, from fluro shots for Net-a-Porter to diamond studded bands for Harrods. No surprise then that we have crowned Monica Vinader ‘Queen of Friendship’. To celebrate the art of stacking and perhaps to even get you started we are giving away one of Monica’s beautiful Rio bracelets to one lucky Adorn London reader.

In the meantime, Juliet asked Monica to reveal a little more about her take on the friendship bangle and why no rules apply to stacking!

Juliet: Monica, what inspired the first wave of friendship bracelets under your eponymous label?
: I’ve always been drawn to colour and layering pieces of jewellery and I found myself starting to wrap simple coloured threads around my wrist and wear them knotted, mixed with my bangles and watch. The idea to create a range of friendship bracelets progressed soon after and the Fiji Bracelets were made, shortly followed by the Rio. My fascination with semi-precious stones and the meanings behind them remained very important to me, and I loved the idea of associating meanings with colours and to translate this into our friendship bracelet range. Now, each colour thread represents a different meaning or feeling, eg calm, energy and love.

Juliet: Did you ever expect that from your first collection you would expand into so many more variants?
I had always dreamed of creating vast collections and had hoped that one I day I could. The friendship bracelet range has proved to be so popular that we have recently extended the collection with the new Gem Fiji Bracelet. This mixes colourful threads with topaz, sapphires, rubies and tanzanite to create a very ‘grown up’ look.

Juliet: What has the friendship bracelet done for the MV brand?
The Monica Vinader brand has always represented colour and fun, and the addition of the friendship bracelet range has cemented this. Our collections have always been very much based around stacking and layering – people love to play with their jewellery, mix combinations and colours and the Fijis and Rios have proved to be the perfect medium.

Juliet: How do you stay ahead of the pack?
I carry my sketchbook with me wherever I go and take inspiration from various aspects of life. I am forever sketching new designs and thinking of new colours and finishes. There is so much room to develop our friendship bracelet range and I have recently designed a Diamond Fiji collection exclusively for Harrods which will be available from the end of April.
I have also collaborated with Elle España to create a charity friendship bracelet for disaster relief in Japan. The bracelet will be available to buy from our website (www.monicavinader.com) from 15th April. Priced at £20, 100% of the profit will be donated to the Spanish Red Cross to aid their fundraising efforts for Japan.

Juliet: How would you style your ‘stacks’?
My only rule with stacking is that there are no rules! Our collection is made to completely mix up and create your own combinations. Rose Gold Vermeil worn with Sterling Silver, a navy Rio mixed with a bright orange Fiji – the options are endless! It’s really about playing with the collection and creating your own personalised stack.

WIN, WIN, WIN our ‘ITEM OF THE WEEK THIS WEEK’ by telling us about your ‘stack’ in the comment space below.

44 responses to “Queen of Friendship: Monica Vinader”

  1. Diana Cotter says:

    My ‘stack’ takes the form of an on-arm life history. I have always worn my christening bangle, then a thin gold chain was added when my sister was born, a gold charm bracelet for my 18th, a rope of twisted silver when I got married, and more recently, a Pandora bracelet for my 50th. Each of them is imbued with such love and meaning that I can’t possible leave any off.

  2. Juliet says:

    Oh Diana, what a jewelled journal!! It sounds fabulous.

  3. irene says:

    I am just starting out in the journey of my stack, so far i have a silver bangle from my travels and i have a couple of the monica vinader friendship bracelets on my wish list. I always love the look of a well put together stack!

  4. Jo Haigh says:

    I’m stackless! 🙁 ….Rio could be the start of my stack!

  5. oxinsocks says:

    I mix stones, metal, colors, and different textures. If I have a number of bangles, I add a leather wrap or chain bracelet. If everything is metalic, I add a gemstone or pearl bracelet. My go-to combination is three bangles from Qatar, each a different color of gold, stacked with my leather wrap and an antique, carved lapis bracelet.

  6. TRACY says:

    My stack, consists of a gold bangle I got for my 21st birthday, a silver daisy Chakra bought by my sister to bring me luck, a Pandora bracelet which has become very precious as it has been added to by my twin boys and family members and has become a treasured item, as I am what my family would call addicted to jewellery I am always looking to add new and exciting items to my collection.

  7. Juliet says:

    I love the fact that you are mixing metals and that each has a story, Tracy!

  8. Juliet says:

    Loving the ‘Haute Haberdashery’ mixed media look you are going for! Nothing like a bit of leather to add a touch of Cavalli 😉

  9. Juliet says:

    What a perfect place to start, Good Luck, Joe!

  10. Juliet says:

    Oh, which MV bracelets do you have on your wish list? The ‘Rio’ by any chance?

  11. Gemma H says:

    As a teen, I was magpie-like when it came to seeking out bangles & bracelets and they were always top of my Birthday/Christmas wish lists. I loved nothing more than rifling through the jewellery boxes belonging to my mum, aunt & gran as I always managed to end up with another bangle or bracelet to add to my collection. Keen to show them off, I’d end up wearing a stack of them on my wrist at any one time. It sort of became ‘my thing’ and people used to joke how they knew it was me coming even before they saw me, because they could hear the bangles jangling as I walked. My stack always included (and still does!) an engraved copper bangle that my aunt got for her 18th birthday – I was entrusted to ‘look after it’, and a slim plaited leather bracelet lovingly made for me by dad. Now that I’m (a little) older, I’ve outgrown my teen obsession for plastering my favourite band’s names all over my bags and I’ve long given up crimping & back-combing my hair but I’ve not outgrown my love for stacking together my best wrist-ware. Why limit yourself to just one? I love it when people single one out that they like and ask about it, because each of them have their own story to tell!

  12. Dawn Costen says:

    My small stack at the moment, consists of a Annie Haak friendship bracelet, a beaded memory wire braclet I bought in minehead last year and a silver torque bangle that I have had for 14 years now!
    Love bracelets 🙂

  13. Dejeniera Pygott says:

    My ‘stack’ consists of a white gold bangle given to me when I turned 21. I’m originally from America where turning 21 is a big deal so it means a lot to think that’s a physical reminder of when I became an adult. I also have a silver bracelet that my mother gave me before I left home. It’s like carrying a piece of family around with me.

  14. Gemma Davidson says:

    I love stacking up on arm candy and I think the key is not to over think it! Just throw it together, mixing and matching a real selection of treasures!…..and the Rio bracelet would most certainly be treasured!!

  15. Anna K says:

    My stack consists of Pandora bracelets

  16. BARBIE says:

    Oohh my other comment seems to have disappeared – so here it is again, it is the school holidays and the only stack I have is the ironing, how I would love a little bit of Rio as it sounds much more fun!!

  17. Joanne Taylor says:

    I have one very precious ornately carved gold bangle that my parents bought for me and i love it so much i will never take it off, this is my centrepiece, the fun part is collecting memories and wishes in the form of friendship bracelets that all have special meanings from special people, i always get the gifter to put it on and we both make a wish, when the bracelet decides to leave me our wishes will be realised !!! Time to wish again X

  18. Tracy-Lynn says:

    Hey everyone, I want you to know
    how my stack has started to grow
    it starts with a tennis bracelet
    posh I know, but it’s cubic zirconia from Thomas Sabo.
    Next is a gold bangle – antique I am told
    I thought it would be fun to add something so old.
    The next a present from my boys and chosen by them
    is a pearl bracelet with a dangling gem.
    Alas no friendship bracelet I see,
    could the Rio be meant for me?

  19. Juliet says:

    What a brilliant idea, to make a wish, Joanne!!

  20. Juliet says:

    Oh Tracy-Lynn, we LOVE the fact you were inspired to write a bit of poetry!! Thank you!

  21. simone lee says:


  22. Julie Henderson says:

    My stack comes from all the countries i have visited and i have many many glasses and pens and i would base this on the colours of their flags

  23. lydia says:

    I have a silver charles renne mackintosh bracelet from my father in law the day I got married, a silver bangle with a pearly oval section, a friendship bracelet my sister got on holiday, my son’s old amber teething bracelet, and a sun reactive bead bracelet that is white inside and rainbow in the sunshine.. I am thinking of getting a bracelet tattoo!

  24. HANNAH EVANS says:

    I’m a stacker virgin but this is absolutely beautiful, I need it in my life! So here’s another poem that I hope you and Monica like:

    Woven thread, sky blue in colour
    An eternal circle made for my arm
    Kisses of gold just add to the beauty
    I really must own this infinite charm

  25. PIXIE says:

    Once upon a time a young girl and her first love visited the mystical isle of avalon, and there whilst browsing the crystals and the earths treasures she came upon a moonstone friendship bracelet, her young knight bought this for her and placed it round her wrist telling her he would always try to give her the moon, that was when she knew he would also be her last love , they stayed together and and as their love grew so did her collection of romantic tokens .
    Most were bought as memories,
    Of times they spent together,
    Each one with a message saying,
    Our love will last forever.
    Some were bought for Christmases,
    And some to make amends,
    So when i gaze upon them,
    I see them all as special friends.
    This i would love to give to him,
    For all his love and laughter,
    Thanking him for giving me,
    My happily ever after!!!!

  26. Juliet says:

    Oh you ladies, just make my day!!! xx

  27. Juliet says:

    Wow!!! fabulous Pixie

  28. Pamela says:

    I love natural crystals so stack them according to my mood and what I feel my body needs that day.

  29. Carol Phile says:

    my stack consists of a selection of gorgeous silver chain bracelets that my daughter bought me – the latest has flowers and a butterfly and is so pretty

  30. Nicola B says:

    My ´stack´is a motley bunch of multi-coloured thread braceletb that I´ve made myself. I love making my own jewellery and experimenting with different patterns of braids and using braiding wheels (but I would very happily trade up to this gorgeous Rio bracelet!) .

  31. Tara says:

    I love to mix my stack up!!

    I have lots of sentimental pieces that I wear to remind me of a certain person & some gorgeous little bangles/bracelets that I’ve picked up from across the globe! I love wearing slogan bangles like ‘Party like a Rockstar’ or ‘Believe in Yourself’ to help me through the day! 😉 I’ll mix Vivienne Westwood with some Primark bling, throw in some pearls or go the opposite direction & wear wooden bracelets from Thailand with a Silver bangle from Cambodia! It’s all about what feels right.

    I’m planning to visit Rio one day soon so wearing this bracelet would inspire me to make that happen!

    I love my wrist candy & Monica Vinader is one of the hottest jewellery designers around right now! <3


  32. irene says:

    hi juliet – my wish list has both the fiji and rio on it, love them both. normally i am a silver girl but i have to admit i love them in gold too, i have been dropping hints to friends and family for months now but none have taken me up, in fact i even bought a fiji bracelet for a friend’s birthday it was so difficult to part with it, she very nearly never got it!


    When you choose a piece of jewelry, choose a time.

  34. Kirsten Murphy says:

    My little stack is a timeline! I have a silver bangle that my late Mum made me for my 20th birthday, another silver one from my sister for my 30th and a gold & White gold one from my Dad for my 40th. I always wear them on my left wrist & leave my right wrist for my fashion ‘stack’

  35. TRACY says:


    Just wanted to know when this competition will end?

  36. Juliet says:

    Hi Tracy, 24h00 on Sunday – we launch our new trend on Monday

  37. Amy says:

    My ‘stack’ is my glastonbury wrist band which I can’t face taking off. I guess it’s made it worth the £200 I paid for it! Looking forward to getting a new one this year. X

  38. Sheila gallow says:

    Just starting out with my stack which only consists of one plain silver bracelet and a really pretty pearl cuff my step mum made. However after being inspired by the above comments …… To stack is MY new black :0)

  39. Aah I’m loving reading everyone’s ‘stack’ …all sound great!
    My stack always has a silver plain band – a bangle given to me by my grandmother, my micheal kors watch, a thin studded bangle from Topshop, some woven vibrant silk bangles that I bought on the streets of India, and the chain from a necklace I was bought for my 21st that I wrap around my wrist.

    I just add more depending on my mood! x

  40. Hazel Christopher says:

    Absolutely stunning, havent got a collection yet but would soon have one if I had a piece to start with 🙂

  41. Belinda Matthews says:

    I dont follow any rules and mainly wear fashion jewellery but one silver piece I have is my grandfather fob chain which we had made into a charm bracelet

  42. Sarah says:

    A very dear friend introduced me to the art of stacking. I love the no rules idea – it works well in my busy life…just grab a few and off you go….the Rio would be an adorable addition to my collection x

  43. Juliet says:

    JUST ANNOUNCED: Gemma Davidson is the winner of our Monica Vinader ‘Rio’ bracelet competition. Well done, Gemma and a HUGE thank you to all of you who entered… we LOVED reading your stacking stories x

  44. Juliet says:

    Hi Barbie, our competition winners to date have been chosen using a random selection process. However, we LOVED the poetry (which was unexpected) and will definitely look at doing something along those lines in the future…

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