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Jack The Giant Slayer Princess Isabelle cuff Yunus & Eliza adorn london jewelry trends blog
Our dear friends Yunus & Eliza are no strangers to the world of bespoke creations. Carving somewhat of a global niche for their dramatic, sculptural jewellery it is no wonder that the duo have been snapped up by Warner Bros Studios for their latest box office release, ‘Jack The Giant Slayer’.

The film is directed by the legendary Brian Singer ( X-Men and Usual Suspects) with the Oscar nominated Joanna Johnston (Lincoln and Back To The Future) heading up costume design. The team approached Yunus & Eliza to create a plot piece for Princess Isabelle. The result is a stunning cuff that identifies the princess. It is a gift from her mother and is all that Jack is left with as he tries in vain to save his mother from the beanstalk.

"It was amazing to work so closely with Joanna. The cuff was integral to Princess Isabelle’s costume and plot line and needed to represent both femininity and strength. The cuff forms part of her armour both physically and emotionally. It is a combination of sculptural cast bronze, gold, emblematic symbols and delicate silver chain mail"

I can’t wait to see the masterpiece for real!

Words: Juliet Hutton-Squire

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