Bar Jamaica: The Vibrant Birthplace of Pomellato



Pomellato ADV 2016 by Mert & Marcus_Capri Collection_1

Salma Hayek in the latest campaign from Pomellato


Picture the scene: late 1960s in a downtown bar in Milan, the thrum of conversation between freethinkers, artists and eccentric souls. A place of new ideas, myriad colours, textures and inspirations…

That place was Bar Jamaica, birthplace of vibrant Italian jewellery brand Pomellato, and where founder Pino Rabolini conceived the idea of a fresh, forward-thinking jewellery company. More recently its striking campaigns have featured the likes of Tilda Swinton, while its sweetie-coloured jewels flirt from the windows of the world’s most beautiful jewellery stores.


Pomellato ADV 2016 by Mert & Marcus_Capri Collection

Capri ring by Pomellato


Top: Salma Hayek models ceramic and rose gold jewellery from Pomellato’s Capri collection
Above: A turquoise ceramic ring


Returning to the roots of its Milan home, Pomellato recently hosted an evening at Bar Jamaica dedicated to the self-confident, independent, free, joyful and sensual women that have inspired Pino’s collections. With models lounging around the bar to a soundtrack of jazz, draped in hero designs from its collections, guests on the night included Anna Della Russo, JJ Martin and Francesca Versace.

To mark the occasion, the jewellery house also unveiled its latest campaign featuring a sultry Salma Hayek modelling new designs from its iconic Capri collection – a new incarnation of colourful ceramic and tiny gems set atop rose gold.


Capri rings by Pomellato

Pomella artist Bar Jamaica


Bar Jamaica 1


Bar Jamaica Pomellato

Models at Pomellato’s celebratory party at Bar Jamaica


Words: Kathryn Bishop
Images: Pomellato

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