My Wish List: Imogen Belfield’s Nuggets


Imogen Belfield Adorn London Jewelry Trends Blog
I have long been a fan of Imogen Belfield‘s work; the chunky, raw-edged nugget rings especially grab my attention. Described by the designer herself as ‘experimentalist’ jewellery, Imogen’s collections often combine smooth pieces of porcelain wrapped in textured metal casings of silver, bronze and gold.

my jewelry wish list adorn london jewelry blog

Imogen Belfield Adorn London Jewelry Trends Blog

The ‘Bark’ ring (above) forms part of Imogen’s ‘Architectural’ collection, city skyscrapers are transformed into miniature porcelain forms that nestle within the protective clutches of a metallic frame and shank. The juxtaposition of the glossy porcelain and the wood grain pattern on the metal creates a tension that is for me, both exciting and directional.


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