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Vicky Sarge Beamon Erickson Beamon
 Vicky Beamon and Karen Erickson

Next up in our exciting series during London Jewellery Week, fashion jewellery designer extraordinaire and co-founder of Erickson Beamon, Vicki Sarge Beamon talks about what the title ‘Celebrating Jewellery’ means to her…

For me to ‘Celebrate’ jewellery is to acknowledge the deeper importance these objects bring to our lives. Jewellery goes much further than what is seen from the surface – they are a manifestation of our emotions in a physical form. It is so personal to each individual and I feel so fortunate to come to work each day creating amazing pieces which will trigger an emotional response to both the wearer and admirers.

Isabella Blow spoke of her clothing as protective armour. In this same medieval sense – if clothing is armour than jewellery is the talisman. It is the final touch which people use to express their personalities or how they want to project themselves at a particular moment. So much of what Erickson Beamon creates is used to enhance an atmosphere and I believe this is one of the reasons for our longevity. We have been collaborating with designers and working with stylists on magazines and for celebrities now for nearly 3 decades. I believe what draws these amazing creative people back to us time and again is the sensitivity which we are able to project into our pieces interpreted from their concepts.

Beyonce Adorn London Erickson Beamon

We have recently created a headpiece for Beyonce for her latest video. Her stylist asked us to create a piece which would show power and strength and would be multi-cultural. The final design drew from these ideals and the show stopping piece was created and viewed all over the world.

Erdem Fall 2011 Erickson Beamon London Jewellery Week 
 Erdem fall 2011

For Erdem’s Winter 2011 show he asked us to create earrings for an artist’s wife who was angry at her husband and they were going through a separation. We showed this by making a dark atmosphere on the earring and then splattering it with paint showing her emotional imbalance.

Design has to have passion and joy. It has to make you understand a place, a time, and era. It has to be a vehicle for the person who ultimately owns it to connect to something personal and meaningful.

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