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Eco-campaigner Livia Firth has launched her own eponymous label, LFD, with a piece of jewelry. The Skull necklace is made by hand in a small artisan co-operative workshop in Devon, using the ancient Egyptian technique of Lost Wax Casting for the exquisite detail in the moulded skulls. The necklace can be worn in a variety of ways and what is even more impressive is that Livia herself shows us how to style the look in a short video clip.

Livia Firth and Colin Firth Adorn London Jewelry Trends blog

style the look adorn london jewelry trends blog

No stranger to the world of eco-chic jewels Livia’s Green Carpet appearance at the world’s leading celebrity events has seen the Eco Age founder collaborating with the likes of ethical jeweller Annaloucah; Calleija for sustainably sourced and traceable pink diamonds and Made UK.

Livia’s blog on Vogue UK and her shop Eco-Age in Chiswick champion a lifestyle that places eco-chic at the centre.

Images by Marco Cella.

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  1. Love that Livia has gone with goth-glam to launch the LFD label; the skull motif resonates a stripped-back, raw vitality, and the use of hand-finishing imprints a unique character into each piece. In totality, the Skull necklace is the embodiment of eco ideals.

    Bravo, Livia, and bravo Eco Age! x

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