Gold Jewellery on my Christmas Wish List



I am often asked what my ideal Christmas wish list would look like especially with regards to jewellery, so I thought I would share just five jewellery pieces I wouldn’t mind finding under the tree (note to self… must remember to send this link to my hubbie). For me, its all about gold right now and statement jewels that are both contemporary and timeless. This selection showcases some of my favourite designers from emerging talents to established iconic brands.

I have always loved Grima’s jewels and this 47 carat Brazilian Tourmaline cocktail ring would do just fine. I love the contrast between texture and smooth faceted surfaces. The off-kilter addition of pave diamonds set alongside the deep forest green emerald cut stone is also unique. Melanie Georgacopoulus cage-like diamond, gold and pearl necklace is a stand alone statement. For meĀ  what’s striking about this piece is the playful tension between the diamond encrusted cage and captive glistening pearl. The fact that the cage is diamond-shaped is an added bonus!

My recent cartilage piercing could do with an update. Elise Dray’s diamond gold hoop creates a dazzling but dainty silhouette the would be a perfect addition to my jewellery wardrobe. Lebanese based Dina Kamal’s Pnky series has always been a firm favourite. Her grey pearl and gold pinky ring is a winner as far as I am concerned.

Last but not least, every girl needs a chunky gold bracelet and this elegant 1940s bracelet from Olivia Collins has stolen my heart.




P.s. You can buy the glittery 3d jewel gift tags

Words: Juliet Hutton-Squire


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