Dreaming of Dior: Rose des Vents collection


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The inimitable Victoire de Castellane has made dreams a reality with Rose des Vents – her latest fine jewellery collection for Doir Joaillerie.

Crafted in 18ct gold, this elegant collection of bracelets and pendants pays homage to Granville, the historical coastal home of Christian Dior. There, within its sculpted gardens, his love of flowers blossomed as he tended to mignonettes, hawthorns and his beloved roses. Gazing out to sea, watching boats headed for America, the house was a place where travel – and new worlds – were never far away.


Victoire’s watercolour sketches of the Rose des Vents medallions, with discs of lapis, turquoise and pink opal

Arriving in Paris some time later, Christian Dior happened upon a little star-shaped trinket. This memento became Christian’s lucky charm, inspiring him to launch his own couturier, and setting the Dior name on course for global renown. Fast-forward to today, and Dior Joaillerie creative director Victoire has brought these two symbols – roses and stars – together for the Rose des Vents collection.

“I wanted to start from the idea of a little motif pendant. And what is more metaphorical than a medallion?” Victoria asks. “A symbol of travel, in it you find echoes of Christian Dior’s star and the idea of the good-luck charm, but also the rose, his favourite flower. The whole history of the house is there, implicitly.”




The finer details of the collection reveal mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli and turquoise set in yellow gold medallions, or a subtler rose gold and pink opal combination. On the face of each medallion is an eight-point star backed by the gemstone; on the back, the stone’s smooth surface sits comfortably against the wearer’s skin.

“Rose des Vents is also a metaphor for creation,” explains Victoire. “Creating is about searching, turning things over, and then finding ones cardinal point and setting off on a journey. Creation is the product of a stationary voyage.”

In support of the collection, she has sketched out a vivid dream in which she and Christian meet and together design the collection, before heading into the glamour and grandeur of a couture ball.

With prices from £1,100, the collection of bracelets and long and short chain pendants offers tokens to wear and treasure, much like Christian’s own lucky star.

Victoire and Christian in Granville copy

Christian Victoire preparing the party copy


Together...forever copy 2Victoire de Castellane sketched a dream in which she met Christian Dior and together they designed the collection

Words: Kathryn Bishop
Images: Dior Joaillerie

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