Dina Kamal’s Flower Series



Dina Kamals Flower Series is the latest in the Lebanese designer’s repertoire of cool collections. Kamal started out as an architect and in 2010, following a move to Beirut from Washington DC, launched a design practice, DINAKAMAL DKO1 which allowed her to focus on her unique ideas in a multi discipline capacity. This more multi-disciplinary approach to design meant that her repertoire expanded to include precious objects and jewellery.

Dina’s first jewellery collection, PNKYRNG, redefined the iconic signet ring by making it more contemporary.  The clean, crisp lines and structured stone settings gave the collection a sleek appearance, underpinned by a strong architectural heritage.  History plays a key role in Dina’s design process: “I start with an idea which I research from past to present, then I try and predict its use in the future. This Flower Series was inspired by Georgian jewellery and what I picked up most from that period – 17th century jewellery – was their love for flower shaped jewellery and their use of seed pearls in systematic receptive motifs.”

She continues:  “The onyx and the structured gold flower give the overall design a sense of balance. They become more precise and structured and more true to our design aesthetic. They are DK01 Flowers inspired by a thread of 17th century jewellery. They are ornate, soft and structured.”

Dina Kamal’s desire to create jewellery collections supports her ethos … to make design timeless by using simple, refined forms. Having a penchant for architecture and other design disciplines myself and in fact nearly going down the architecture route at University, I am a firm fan of DINAKAMAL DKO1 and eagerly anticipate each new collection.  How about you?


Words: Juliet Hutton-Squire

Images: Dina Kamal


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