100% Natural: Babette Wasserman AW13 Jewellery Collection


Babette Wasserman | AW13 Jewellery Collection | Adorn London

With the super storm that swept through London on Sunday night now well and truly past, the view from my window is of a sunny autumn morning with leaves turning to gold and branches covered in dew. Perhaps it’s this rural idyll (which is actually in the middle of the capital!) that has drawn me to the new Babette Wasserman AW13 jewellery collection.

‘Nature With Attitude’ takes the intricate patterns found in the natural world (blossoms, thorns and flames, for example) and abstracts them in order to create a series of attractive designs in silver, yellow gold and rose gold colourways.

My personal favourites are the open flower drop necklaces. Something about their fluid silhouettes and that smattering of sparkle appeals to my whimsical frame of mind today.

Words: Maia Adams


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