Paris Jewellery Street Style

We’ve been flat out this week doing our post-fashion week analysis of the key catwalk and street style jewellery trends for Adorn Insight.

Gaelle Khouri

When a tutor told her ‘I have seen and taught thousands of students but I see something different in your work’ Gaelle Khouri knew it was time to quit her high-flying career in finance and devote herself full time to jewellery design and production.

  It’s no secret that we like to have fun here at Adorn HQ, and who wouldn’t enjoy their work when it involves days filled with beautiful jewels? But as with all consumer sectors, the jewellery industry is not without its challenges, and that’s something we take very seriously too. Take, for instance, the issue […]

  Salma Hayek in the latest campaign from Pomellato   Picture the scene: late 1960s in a downtown bar in Milan, the thrum of conversation between freethinkers, artists and eccentric souls. A place of new ideas, myriad colours, textures and inspirations… That place was Bar Jamaica, birthplace of vibrant Italian jewellery brand Pomellato, and where founder […]

  During London Fashion Week a particular show caught my eye, that of Peter Jensen whose models – thanks to their striking sculptural jewellery – became human artworks among the rooms of the Institute of Contemporary Art. A closer look revealed their earrings to be miniature mobiles, akin to those of current Tate Modern darling Alexander […]