How many of you had a kaleidoscope as a child? Turning it slowly as it flitted from pattern to pattern, rainbows of shapes evolving before your eyes? Even as adults these toys remain fascinating… In fact, they’re the inspiration behind Radiant, the new fine jewellery collection by Leyla Abdollahi.   Leyla Abdollahi’s Radiant collection celebrates […]

 Beyoncé wearing the Double Amazone ring in 2014 If you haven’t yet heard of Messika we’re pretty sure you won’t forget this Parisian jewellery house in a hurry. With fans ranging from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Kendall Jenner and Eva Longoria, Messika is fast becoming the modern woman’s diamond jeweller of choice. The beautifully-crafted designs exhibit […]

  Long likened to diamonds twinkling in the night sky, stars are an enduring symbol in jewellery. Hewn in precious metals and embellished with gemstones, stars with five, six or eight points will adorn the body again this autumn, teaming perfectly with the playful star designs weaving through fashion. The latest collection from Carolina Bucci – […]

Golden Wonder | Adorn Jewellery Blog

I know it’s only August but when it comes to fashion my heart always lies with winter wardrobes which is why I’ve been plotting a look dubbed Golden Wonder which I plan to start working the minute the cold weather sets it!

  A modern muse captured in freeze frame. Sculptor and jeweller Jordan Askill has merged the organic designs of the Art Nouveau era with the gentle movement of butterflies for The Askill Collection, a fresh chapter in Georg Jensen’s jewellery collections. Reimagining the classic butterfly motif, Jordan has created 3D jewellery reminiscent of his sculptures, […]