ShowCabinet by Shaun Leane offers an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the psyche of the avant-garde jewellery house and debut eight highly imaginative bespoke jewellery creations that each represents a key motif from previous collections.


The pineapple was making serious head turning statements in New York and Miami including juicy enamel pendants, signage, tattoos, murals and quenching teas.


‘Multiple Exposures’ is the first ever exhibition examining the interplay between photography and jewelry exploring issues central to contemporary experience and the relationship of jewelry to society and personal identity.

Rodrigo Otazu | Adorn Jewellery Blog | New York

Born in Argentina in 1968 into an artistic family Rodrigo Otazu’s precocious entry into the world of jewellery started when, inspired by the story of pop queen Madonna

Jewellery Street Style | New York

Juliet and I have been in New York for the last couple of days and after pounding many kilometers from one meeting to the next what has struck us both is the sheer vibrancy of the jewellery street style looks that have had our heads in a constant state of spin.

Catbird NYC has become somewhat of a go to destination amongst trendy, style savvy self-purchasers looking to up their jewellery repetoire with the latest jewels. We visited the Bedford Street store to find out more.


An exclusive exhibition, Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, opens to the public at the Denver Art Museum on the 16 November 2014 which will showcase the jewellers evolution throughout the 20th century.

Miami | Adorn Jewelry Blog

For the next month, Maia and I are in the grand old US of A on a pretty amazing business trip with our sister company Adorn Insight. Our first stop is Miami and already we’re feeling inspired by the jewelry on show.

Elizabeth Jean

Australian brand, Elizabeth JEAN, prepares the way for world domination with a chic, versatile collection of boldly classical silhouettes with contemporary hints that add a dash of urban cool.

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