Win a copy of Carol Woolton’s newly released book: ‘Drawing Jewels for Fashion’ in which she explores the essence of the jewellery designers’ creative energy.

70s Style: Elle McPherson ‘papped’ wearing the gorgeous ‘Peacock Feather’ earrings by UK designer, Alex Monroe

70s Glamour! It was the theme for my 40th birthday. We transformed the Village Hall, created a 70s lounge, pop-up photo booth and Studio 54 style disco to rock in the next decade.

These dazzling diamante darlings are a must-have for any party wardrobe. My all time favourite are these crystal-encrusted hoops from Swarovski.

During the 1920s, the vogue for androgyny gave women ‘carte blanche’ to wear men’s clothing. Go ‘monochrome’ for a chic, slick sense of style with jewels that say ‘wow’.

Alice’s exquisite 24ct gold lemon quartz ring is inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns of the ‘Silk Route’ and the patterns on domes of Uzbek temples.

There is nothing like a big birthday to prompt a sense of nostalgia. From pearls to picnics here are some of my favourite things to mark the occasion.

Say it with words and let the letters do the talking. Here are my initial jewellery top picks with a nod to sentiment and personalisation.

70s glamour was all about easy laid back sophistication and the skinny scarf became a noteworthy style accent whether knotted. draped or tied.

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