A royal fairytale – William and Kate tie the knot in style. Adorn London looks at the moments that capture the romance of the day.    These pics just sent to me by my gorgeous friend, Susie, part-time photographer and cupcake queen. Visit Sugalicious for bespoke cupcakes.  

BY GEMMA DOUGLASS Royal weddings demand regal jewels.  There is much speculation over how Kate Middleton will be ‘adorned’ on her big day.  Of her royal jewels thus far this much we know: alongside the sapphire engagement ring belonging to Princess Diana, she will be wearing a wedding band of Welsh gold, designed by crown […]

WIN, WIN WIN THE ‘ITEM OF THE WEEK’    Milestone Bracelet Clogau Gold have designed a range of Royal Bead Charms to celebrate the Royal Wedding and the fact that Kate Middleton’s ring is made from the rare Welsh gold which was given to the Royal family in 1923. Inspired by the romance of the Royal […]

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…     ‘Royal Jewel’ by Swell Vintage FRANKIE MURRAY OF SWELL VINTAGE DESIGNS A COSTUME JEWEL NECKLACE FOR ADORN LONDON TO COMMEMORATE THE ROYAL WEDDING The Royal Wedding necklace "When I told people that I was making a necklace to celebrate the Royal Wedding, every response I […]

If I had my way, this is how I would style Kate Middleton on the day she goes away… I would send her off on honeymoon, patriotic colours in mind, in a dress by a British designer just like this Erdem frock. For Kate, the challenge is always going to be how to move away […]

Since 1923, the Royal family have been wearing wedding rings crafted from a single nugget of Clogau gold extracted from the Clogau St David’s goldmine. The tradition was founded by the Queen Mother (Lady Elizabeth in 1923) on her marriage to King George VI (then Duke of York) on April 26th, 1923. Her Majesty’s wedding […]

Adorn London looks at which celebrities are ‘stacking and layering’ including music diva’s: Rhianna and Lady Gaga and silver screen heroine’s: SJP and Kate Hudson…      Lady Gaga  

To show their support and sympathy for the people of Japan, Links of London are donating 10% to the Red Cross from every sale around the world of their classic friendship bracelet. "Having spent over four years living and working in Japan with many friends still there, I have been personally touched by the tragedy […]

Aquaruby online fashion jewellery boutique has teamed up with Adorn London and is offering our readers 15% on all purchases. Simply click through to Aquaruby from one of the banners throughout the site and remember to use the promotion code at the checkout.` As we are talking about stacking, Juliet has selected her favourites from […]

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